Frisbeegolf is played like regular golf, but instead of balls and clubs you use a frisbee. Instead of holes there are baskets that you will try to hit using as few throws as possible.. You don't need a green card to play frisbeegolf, and this is a popular activity for adults as well as for children. 

Frisbeegolf. Photo: Jakob Physant Gålå Event a/sDSC09469DSC09495DSC09498DSC09503DSC09628DSC09654DSC09692Frisbeegolf. Photo: Jakob Physant Gålå Event a/sP9190194BF Sommer 12gålåfellesmdiskDSC09440DSC09469 2DSC09495 2DSC09498 2DSC09499DSC09503 2DSC09524DSC09628 2DSC09654 2DSC09692 2P6211163Frisbeegolf. Photo: Jakob Physant Gålå Event a/s 2gålåfellesmdisk 2BF Sommer 12 2P9190194(3)DSC02499Frisbeegolf 3IMG_3427

Price: 100,- pr. child & 130,- pr. adult

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